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Who are we?

Crew D20 is a Venturing Crew made of board game enjoyers, as well as those who enjoy a casual space to play games with friends. We play all sorts of games from Werewolf to Captain Sonar, we enjoy a large variety of beginner-friendly games to more advanced strategic games.


What can I expect being a Member in CrewD20?

In addition to the Monthly Community Game Nights that we hold, members are also able to participate in a larger variety of events hosted by the Crew. Examples being, dedicated game nights such as, Imperial Assault, as well as Valor.

We also have monthly meetings where the crew independently plans for activities/events outside normal meeting times. Some examples have been Haloween Dnd one-shots, NYLT, and even a Submarine Overnighter! We also participate in community service opportunities, when they arise.

Who is eligible to join?
Everyone in the age range of 14-21 is able to become a member of the Crew. 

More Information:
Have a question? Want to join? Use the link to contact us via email
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More info on the Game Night

We hope to see you, in the Crew :)